"How to Stop Horrible Headaches...
Agonizing Facial Pains...
and Shocking Medical Bills"

"Without Potentially Dangerous
Prescription Drugs or Surgery"


From:  Harold C. Avila, DDS, MS, Orthodontist
Thursday, 8:30 am


You have a choice.  You can resign yourself to constant facial pains which suck your very life from you...

Or you can take a few moments to read every word of this important health bulletin, follow its advice, and experience BLESSED RELIEF.  Quick, long-lasting relief WITHOUT medications and surgery is within your grasp.

When was the last time you had a day without a horrible headache, agonizing jaw pain or terrible ringing in your ears?

Imagine not carrying a pharmacy around to make it through today. Instead of FAKING a smile because of feeling lousy, you could experience a REAL smile.

See if any of these scenarios
sound familiar to you ...

Maybe you have headaches most all of the time.  Except, sometimes they get really bad and you go to the Emergency Department of your local hospital.

You've been there before and you know they want to help you.  You have another expensive MRI procedure done.  The results are--"no results".  The physician comes back to you to give you a medication to dull your pain because "There appears to be nothing to treat"--but you both know the pain will come back again.

You say to yourself "Please, Stop this Insanity".

Or, maybe you’ve been suffering from CONSTANT headaches and been diagnosed with TMJ. You’re probably wondering “what’s WRONG with my  BODY”? You may be about ready to give up on ever feeling normal again.

Or maybe you’re already receiving treatment for HEAD PAINS, but you’re not getting better. You’re following your Doctor’s orders and still having constant pain -- you’re beginning to question your caregiver — wondering if there’s a better way.

You may even feel your HEAD PAIN is getting WORSE with each treatment. You follow your Doctor’s orders and instead of feeling better, your pain gets more INTENSE and more DEBILITATING — keeping you from getting your work done and giving you a SHORT FUSE.  A loved one asks you a question, you BLOW UP and they timidly walk away.  It's not your loved one, it's your HEAD PAIN which puts you on the EDGE.

Some days it seems your Doctor has run out of answers and has given up on making you better.  Or maybe you’re already getting bounced around from specialist to specialist, having MORE tests done, paying MORE co-pays and beginning to think:  “Is this what I have to look forward to for the rest of my life?” 

If you’re like most HEAD PAIN sufferers, pretty soon you’re taking four aspirin a day, then its 6 per day, 8 per day and many times over 10 tablets of pain killers per day — you start grading your headaches as a 2, 3 or 4 tablet headache and lose track of how many headaches you have every day.

Again you say "Please, Stop this Insanity".





"Hi, I'm Dr. Harold Avila, an Orthodontist with offices in Muncie, Anderson and Montpelier Indiana.  During these past 16 years, Physicians, Dentists and others have referred over 800 persons, having the worst head pains imaginable, to me for treatment.  Over 85% of these persons found quick and long lasting relief from their head pains."

"It took 15 frustrating years of practicing on HEAD PAIN sufferers, desperately seeking to find relief for my HEAD PAIN patients, before I settled on a specific Treatment Protocol in 1999. I have been using the same Treatment Protocol since then."

This Treatment Protocol is based on two things:

1.  Education: Understanding is the foundation for you to achieve long-lasting pain relief, and

2.  Knowing that overuse of muscles and stress account for over 80% of all HEAD PAINS. Many Health Professionals provide you treatment without even knowing what they should be treating!

"The Headache Comfort Membership Website contains the very same educational training I have given to my patients since 1999.  These patients have gotten better and they have stayed better".

The Headache Comfort Membership Website consists of 4 modules.

Module 101:

Headache Training:  It's revealed where over 70% of all headaches come from and what are the causes of HEAD PAINS

  • Why do you get headaches?
  • How many Headaches at an Emergency Room are life threatening?
  • What is a life threatening headache?
  • What are common HEAD PAINS?
  • What are the causes of HEAD PAINS?
  • Who says 70-90% of HEAD PAINS come from tension?

Module 102:

Stress Training: Learn a simple 3 step program to keep your HEAD PAINS at bay

An old Taoist saying is:
   "If you are hungry and someone gives you a fish you have been fed for that day.  If you learn how to fish, you have been fed them for your lifetime."

Information you do not know YOU DO NOT HAVE is not easy for you to get. -- GOT IT?

Even though he has Professional Education and Training, it has taken Dr. Avila years to learn this information and years more to DISTILL it down into an easy to understand form.

  • You will learn a 3 step program to keep your muscles relaxed.
  • You will understand why a headache can begin at your temples, move to the top of your head and then settle in your neck.
  • You will learn simple ways to lower your tension under a greater amount of stress--making you more productive.
  • The causes of HEAD PAINS are reviewed.  Then an easy to implement solution is provided for each HEAD PAIN cause.
  • BONUS: Attention Bruxers, Dr. Avila reveals how you too can stop bruxing. Many others have ALREADY learned how to stop bruxing--SO CAN YOU! This material is unpublished and worth the price of this membership BY ITSELF.


Module 103:

eBook: You receive the popular eBook
"Naturally Cure Your Headaches"
Along with Dr. Avila's Review

This eBook reviews commonly known ways to "Naturally Cure Your Headaches". Dr. Avila's protocol does not include medications for "Breakout Pain" because he attacks the causes of HEAD PAIN.  

You will have no need of "Breakout Pain medications" because you will understand the root cause of your HEAD PAINS.  

This same knowledge has helped hundreds of Dr. Avila's patients to have "Naturally" long-lasting relief of their HEAD PAINS. So can YOU.


Module 104:

What Now?

Dr. Avila will help you understand what to look for next. Relief from your HEAD PAINS is BLISS. Dr. Avila's success rate is 87%.

But what if you are one of the 13% who don't find blessed relief?

Dr. Avila will review your options and where you should look to for answers. You will want to know what to expect now.

  • Should you still be having daily HEAD PAINS?
  • How often should you be wearing your mouthpiece?
  • What about the clicking you hear while you eat?
  • How often should you expect a HEAD PAIN episode?
  • What medical professionals might you consider consulting with and why? 


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Online Training: 4 Modules
Module 101: Headache education.
This training is exactly what Dr. Avila teaches every patient in his office--except you will not need to TRAVEL to Indiana for YOUR training.
Module 102: Stress education.
Learn how you can have stress--without the AWFUL headaches.
BONUS: How to STOP bruxism cold. Unpublished REAL help for bruxers.
Module 103: eBook:  "Naturally Cure Your Headache" and Review.
Dr. Avila purchased the rights for you to this popular internet eBook.
Module 104: What Now?
What to expect now that you have fewer HEAD PAINS.
--but what if I am still having HEAD PAINS? Please, WHAT NOW?
Bonus Articles: Migraine Articles
Dr. Avila purchased 50 articles for you on different aspects of Migraine. Like: "Aging and Migraines", "Aromatherapy and Migraines"
Video & Audio Training: Available 24 hours a day, 12 months per year. 
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You Should Definitely Join Now,
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If you don't experience headache comfort during the next 30 days, I respectfully request you ask for a refund. You will be refunded, no questions asked. You will have had access to the bulk of the information--not all. Because there is so much information, the information is trickled out to members over time.

But I'm super confident you'll stay in, you'll implement the systems, and you'll send a testimonial telling me how much better you feel after finding me and taking my training.

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